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OLC Innovate 2016 - Games, Safaris, & Networking

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At OLC Innovate this year during one of the networking breaks we're inviting you to take part in a photo safari or to explore some games. You don't need to be at Innovate to take part. (Although offsite participation in the games session may have limited numbers - I'm thinking through how to make this work).

Below is some basic information from the inestimable Laura Gogia (@googlegaucamole ):

I'll follow up on this post with another about Activity 2 and information for for volunteers.

Activity 1: Capture Innovation Photo Safari.
Engage with conference themes and each other through a creative and reflective lens! After a brief introduction to photo safaris (including a short brainstorming session around how you might "capture innovation"), you will set out in informal small groups across the conference venue and nearby environs to capture innovation through the lens of your mobile device or camera.  Volunteers who have scouted the area in advance will be available to lead some groups.  Once taken, upload your images to Twitter or Instagram using hashtag. We'll debrief once you return from your trip and celebrate the surprising and diverse ways innovation was represented through your eyes.  

Activity 2: Gaming Session.

Gaming is fun, social, and educational. However, the "fun" and "learning" qualities of games are often held in tension by learners and educators alike. Join us in the PlugIn Lounge to explore how fun and learning can work together in the context of gaming. Board, hybrid, and online games are available for you to try. Table facilitators will get you started and help you talk through some of the learning opportunities that are unfolding even as you kick back and relax with your peers.