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“Open” Educational Resources vs “Open” Pedagogy: Why Meanings Matter

incidental to main discussion but:

"I define open pedagogy as ‘the set of teaching and learning practices that are only possible or practical in the context of the free access and 5R permissions characteristic of open educational resources’ (e.g., here). Those who prefer other terms, like open practices or open educational practices, use different language that means largely the same thing." David Wiley (2016)

I'm really happy that this dftn is not implying open pedagogy instrinsically implies courses and course work on the open web which is a point of view that I've, perhaps mistakenly, picked up in the commmunity - not every course should be a phonar [although it's awesome]. This definition gets towards the benefits while still reserving the prioirity of "what's the best pedagogy here for learners and the topic".